Damn It

Yeah, I haven't been regularly posting like I should have, it's because like I said I don't have a trigger on the habit. I think I might have to see about changing it until later in the day, or maybe early morning.

First Year of Computer Science

Your first year of computer science, congratulations. Let me tell you this. No matter how good think you are, there is far more to computer science than you know about. You might know C, C++, Haskell, blah, blah. You might have committed code to the Linux kernel, but know this, you know only a sliver. So don't be an arrogant prick.

Trigger on Habits

Damn it all, I missed another blog post again, I'll have to do two today. I missed out because I don't really have a good consistent trigger to get the habit of posting started. This is a problem if my routine changes, this happened yesterday and Monday. It's something I'll have to work on, maybe making it something I do first thing in the morning when I get into work, or into Uni.


Whoops, a little late today, to be fair to myself, I was a little distracted. First, wasted a few hours sorting out our VMWare servers at work. Then, I decided I would call up the department of transport to find out why I hadn't got my refund for my car rego. You see, I had handed in my licence plates over a month ago, and thought I would chase them up. Well, it seems they lost them and have no record to receiving them.

This means that I had to fill out that they were lost, and I can't get the credit backdated from the date of my accident.

So, not only am I out of pocket for the refund that I miss, I've also missed out on the hours that I had to spend to sort the problem out. To add insult to injury, this is all their fault, I have to pay for their mistake. Being a government department, I can't take my business elsewhere, there's no recourse. They don't pay for their mistakes, one has to wonder how much has been wasted of other people's money.

If you run a business, don't make your customers pay for your mistakes.

Quick Post

This is just a quick post, so I can keep my trend of a blog post a day. It's currently 9:47am and I'm about to go to a circus with the family, so I don't think I can get a good post in before lunch.

However, I've been wanted to write a post on a few things, that maybe I will get around to doing:

  • The crappy state of Greentree.
  • Small business in general.
  • Running a small business is hard.
  • Habits.

We'll see how I go.