I don't think anyone would doubt, that authors have a style. For example, if you started reading a story by HP Lovecraft, and were familar with his works, you would probably pick up the little nuances that make it feel like Lovecraft. Be it the flowery language, the themes of dreams or indescribable terrors that send you mad, a Lovecraft story has a taste.

Is there a similar thing with code? Admittedly code is a bit more restrictive in some ways than natural language, given that the intended target has no intelligence at all. But, could you look at code, and determine who wrote it? Can you get the same flavour? I'm not so sure.

But, this leads me to another thought, really not my thought, but one from my reading of: The Design of Design. In particular chapter 12, "Esthetics and Style in Technical Design". The last point the chapter makes is that studying the style of others will help, the same that an author reading a large number of other works will help with their own writing.

So, to this end, I think I will try and find code, and analyse it's style. This is just going to be my own amateur musings and not worth much.