Whoops, a little late today, to be fair to myself, I was a little distracted. First, wasted a few hours sorting out our VMWare servers at work. Then, I decided I would call up the department of transport to find out why I hadn't got my refund for my car rego. You see, I had handed in my licence plates over a month ago, and thought I would chase them up. Well, it seems they lost them and have no record to receiving them.

This means that I had to fill out that they were lost, and I can't get the credit backdated from the date of my accident.

So, not only am I out of pocket for the refund that I miss, I've also missed out on the hours that I had to spend to sort the problem out. To add insult to injury, this is all their fault, I have to pay for their mistake. Being a government department, I can't take my business elsewhere, there's no recourse. They don't pay for their mistakes, one has to wonder how much has been wasted of other people's money.

If you run a business, don't make your customers pay for your mistakes.