First Post of 2017

Of course, it's so close to the end of the year, you would wonder why I would bother at all. The usual problem, I'm not in the habit of writing, and I really should write more. But, I always say that.

I've started playing PUBG, I'm not really a big FPS player, but, I thought, as an experiment, what I will do, is try to journal my progress. Writing something would be better than writing nothing, so, I guess I would just record my progress at PUBG. Currently I've been playing the game for a week or so, and I die pretty quickly and often.

I am favouring the more intense areas on the drop, since I need to get combat experience, as much of it as I can get. Also, I've been watching a few YouTube tutorials, and Twitch streams. I've also got to do some aim practice sessions on the servers (since it doesn't provide a offline practice mode). I'll try to write something about it every few days, or at least once a week.