There's Kittens in Them There Waters

Yesterday (well Sunday night by the time this is posted) our cat (Mars) decided that it was time to squirt out the kittens she had been storing for the last couple of weeks. Would be the first time I saw anything like it, chickens have the right idea, use an egg, it's a damn sight less messy.

Anyway I do have some pictures of her giving birth to the little blighters (Two of which have already been named Jip, and Moff).

I don't actually have any pictures of the kittens as they are now (dry and fuzzy) so you'll have to make do with the wet and gunky pics, just be thankful I didn't think to take pictures of her eating afterbirth 1.



Actually I did think about it, but I imagine people would've found it disgusting.

Wacom Drawing Tablet

I have to say, drawing tablets rock!

Not only for actual drawing, but for general use of the computer. If only it could also be a high res display as well…

Anyhow, here’s my first pic using the tablet.

My first tablet pic

When you're bored at work, you decide to go browsing.

10 points for anyone who reads this AND tells me the artist and song:

I can’t see ever feeling right again I’m on a raft in a river that’s roaring away with me What good does it do me to have what I want When I’m in no shape to enjoy what I have

And to make the search easier (sif it isn't really easy already) here's another:

So I found out your reasons For the phone calls and smiles And it hurts and I’m lonely And I should never have tried And I missed you tonight So it’s time to leave You see this meant everything to me

Now the really hard question, what movie was one of this artists songs in? (Hint: It was a nightclub scene, and the movie has the quote That’s a very expensive glass of Chardonnay you’re NOT drinking there.)

Ministry of Sound

Going out and partying with friends, what more do I have to say?

I do have two pictures of youngster Elad, poor guy, we just had to get pics of him. Unfortunately these were the only pics actually taken by anyone in the group that I know of, so all that’s left are the memories.

Ah well.

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