Whoops, a little late today, to be fair to myself, I was a little distracted. First, wasted a few hours sorting out our VMWare servers at work. Then, I decided I would call up the department of transport to find out why I hadn't got my refund for my car rego. You see, I had handed in my licence plates over a month ago, and thought I would chase them up. Well, it seems they lost them and have no record to receiving them.

This means that I had to fill out that they were lost, and I can't get the credit backdated from the date of my accident.

So, not only am I out of pocket for the refund that I miss, I've also missed out on the hours that I had to spend to sort the problem out. To add insult to injury, this is all their fault, I have to pay for their mistake. Being a government department, I can't take my business elsewhere, there's no recourse. They don't pay for their mistakes, one has to wonder how much has been wasted of other people's money.

If you run a business, don't make your customers pay for your mistakes.

Quick Post

This is just a quick post, so I can keep my trend of a blog post a day. It's currently 9:47am and I'm about to go to a circus with the family, so I don't think I can get a good post in before lunch.

However, I've been wanted to write a post on a few things, that maybe I will get around to doing:

  • The crappy state of Greentree.
  • Small business in general.
  • Running a small business is hard.
  • Habits.

We'll see how I go.

House Hunting

We've been looking at houses recently, we're thinking of either buying and trading up, or demoing and building. Honestly the state of some of the houses makes you wonder what people are thinking.

Small Business

I work in a small business, been here for about twelve years now. Started off as just an unqualified technical helper/IT guy, then moved onto being the bookkeeper for a few years, and now I'm the general manager. It's an interesting thing, a small business, you just have to make do with what you can.

That's probably not a good description, because at an enterprise level company you have to make do with what you can, it's just on a larger scale. But, for example, I have a problem with some servers, now, because of me, we have a server setup a little bit more… comprehensive, then most companies.

Anyway, problems with servers, they're just Sun Fire X4600 M2s, 64GB RAM, got them off eBay. They're old, but they work. Well, obviously not working fully now otherwise I wouldn't be talking about this. So, right, I thought I would price up some Dell servers, I made the switch from custom building PCs to using Dell desktops, so thought I would try the same with servers.

Looking at a basic sort of rack computer config, with 64GB RAM, over a few thousand dollars. We can't justify that. Just a quick look, on eBay, and I can find a Sun Fire X4450 with 64GB RAM, 16 cores, for $1000 or so. Now this isn't a nice new setup with support, and is far more powerful. However, I could buy eight of these things for the same price.

Small businesses, obviously have different considerations when making purchases. But, small businesses can grow and now I will sort of try to get to the point I just thought up. Well, I've had it on my mind for a little bit.

Why the hell is it hard to get good accounting software that can grow with a company from the start? We used MYOB for a few years, but we outgrew it. Sure, MYOB has an API, but, really, it's shit, you can't use it to extend the software. Recent versions of MYOB have now moved to the "cloud", you know that software as a service thing (which is not necessarily bad), and now give you a REST API, but it still makes things difficult to extend in a way that you can use to customise to match your company workflow.

We moved to Greentree, that was a mistake, one which I will do into later.

Habits And Practice

I've read a few time management books over the years, the three ones that I can remember right now: Getting Things Done, The Pomodoro Technique, and Do It Tomorrow. Each have their own take on how to manage your time, and they can all be combined in whatever way you like that works for you. But I have a problem, I'm just not productive.

I think, mostly, is a lack of motivation, and I'm not sure how to go about sorting this out. I think I have fallen into the habit of being unproductive and it's something I have to work to get out of. I'm not sure.

This is something that is personal, so I don't think that there's much that anybody else can do about it? So, I'm going to try an experiment, I'm going to see if I can get into the habit of posting on this blog everyday, at least once. The posts don't have to be anything interesting, they don't have to have some deeper meaning, this blog is just for me after all.

But, I will have to post before, say, lunchtime, of everyday. Has to be at least one sentence. Lets see what happens if I follow this for a month.